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We pride ourselves on providing 24*7 support for your easy working.

Quality Assurance

Our softwares have been used by thousands for decades now. It in itself is a testament to the fact.

Fully Customize Panel

The biggest strength is our flexibility to handle any type of salary structure.

Online Payroll Software India

Disaster Recovery

We have a Standby backup server and SSL Encrypted MS SQL database & Web Portal with automated multipoint database back up to prevent your data loss due to any natural cause or accidental deletion.

Confidentiality & Data Privacy

We assured that the confidential data of your organisation and sensitive personal information of your employees remains safe with us. Also, we minimise circulation of your data by keeping everything in house and not engaging/using any agent, partner, 3rd party services and/or 3rd party software.

Online Payroll Software India
Payroll Software India

Lean and Agile Approach

We have multiple modules whose development and tests are done simultaneously without affecting each other. Also, each module can be customized to the clients’ needs which makes it easier to use. Our software has been developed in-house which makes it very robust and cost effective for you.

Payroll Software- Latest Payroll HR Management Software System In Delhi India

PionHR is the best hr & payroll software in India loved by 2,000+ small & large businesses. Key features of online payroll software are employee self-service app, leave & expense management, direct salary payment, etc.

Looking for best HR Payroll Software in Delhi-NCR? PionHR is a leading Payroll Software Provider with dynamic features like leave, attendance, self-service.

Transparent Pricing Unlimited Users

Payroll & Leave

Payroll & Leave*


Per Month

End to End Payroll with all compliances and TDS and leave management. Easy Imports and one click calculation. ESS portal included for leave, Flexi, Investments and reporting.

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Payroll & Biometric

Payroll & Biometric*


Per Month

Everything in “payroll and Leave” plus Daily Attendance management using various modules like Biometrics, WFH and Geo tracking.

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Payroll & HRMS

Payroll & HRMS*


Per Month

Everything in “Payroll & Biometric” with Complete HRMS to manage your organisation on a single unified platform. Completely customizable reporting and analytics.

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*Average pricing for 150 Employees

How Can A Payroll Software Benefit Your Business?

To know the secret recipe behind a successful business, you will have to know about the Payroll software. We all know that HR is taking care of everything to make your business successful, but payroll software will make the whole job easier. According to PionHR, HR should concentrate on other things to grow and make a huge impact. 

If the HR follows a traditional approach, the job will be exhausting, and he/she will be stuck with piled-up papers, and there will always be  a high chance of making mistakes in spreadsheets. Since it will be handled manually, these things are common, right? Payroll Software India can have the businesses back. 

Thanks to the technological advancements, Payroll Software can set things  in their place, that are too error-free. It is a cloud-based system, aka HR software, to ease business operations and boost its  return on investment. 

However, there are plenty of HR software solutions available, but your business needs to determine its requirement, and Payroll Software India can surely answer all the queries. 

Let’s Break It Down 

The Perfect Online Payroll Software For Small Business

If you are opting for in-house payroll, you will invest a lot of time and effortin manual payroll processing, and  in the 21st century; this is illogical. PionHR can make the process faster and more efficiently, or you can Purchase Payroll Software!  

Especially for small business, in-house payroll is simply a waste of time and money. Many small business owners spend over 42 hours on tax calculations and payroll processing, where Payroll HRMS software can do this within a few hours, and the cost is  almost half! 

For an HR, who is still following the traditional way to manage payroll, it is impossible to track all tax updates and payments regularly. Primarily, they cannot keep themselves updated with the tax filing, salary structure, attendance data, wages, bank accounts, employee escorts, compliances and others. Payroll HRMS software is known for handling all these  tasks and keeping every record, and sending you tax notifications from time to time. This software helps people with the most time-consuming tasks, and in the meantime, HR can focus on the business’s growth. 

If you hire a modern-day Payroll Outsourcing Service such as PionHR, they are perfectly capable of assisting you throughout the payroll tasks. 

Today we would like to discuss some benefits of payroll software you can achieve by opting for a Payroll Service Provider in Delhi!

Purchase Payroll Software In India | Best Payroll Software Delhi, Gurgaon, Noida

A Few Benefits of Using Payroll Software Of HR and HRMS

Benefits Of Cloud Payroll Management System

We all know that time is nothing but great value to the business. If you Purchase payroll software, you do not have to worry about doing anything manually. Starting from payroll calculations to tax calculations, everything will be done in a short time. If you want, you may give the responsibility to PionHR to make sure you are perfectly up to date. 

Of course, initially, you will have to enter all details of the employees and the payment structure that your company follows. Best payroll software in India will take care of further steps and update it whenever needed. 

When the best payroll software India handles all kinds of time-consuming processes and you will see your business growth. 

In case you are already struggling with managing your business goals, you can surely go for PionHR or Core HRMS EMS Services

Whenever it comes to calculations, a human can make mistakes. There are plenty of Employee Attendance and Leave Management Service that can indeed have your back. Human errors are natural, and one of the most significant drawbacks of in-house payroll is its vulnerability to costly errors. Most of the time, HR finds it genuinely challenging to manage a considerable workload and run a detailed analysis of all employees. 

HR payroll software is automated and cloud-based, so it can handle these procedures much better than humans can. So, if you want to make sure everything is error-free and your employees are getting the right amount of salary, you may get in touch with PionHR. 

Payroll management software is known for being the most cost-effective way to manage payroll. Whether you have a small business or medium, this would be a bit complex to juggle multiple tasks within a minimal budget. 

That’s when HR and payroll software can help you save a vast amount of money that you used to spend on your in-house or manual payroll. If you can cut costs, you will be able to invest it in some other way to grow your business. 

Features Of PionHR HRMS Payroll Management Software System

Premium payroll management software India is cloud-based, and it can handle all HR-related tasks, including employees' attendance, leaves, salary, and others. You won’t believe it, but the cost will be pretty economical compared to the manual payroll processing! 

If you are looking for the best payroll software, you will have to get in touch with the PionHR for the best support. 

Nowadays, every small or medium business is opting for Payroll processing software to ensure there is no error and the employers are working efficiently. Yes, payroll software Delhi will also check the employee’s performance!