User friendly and robust Payroll, ESS and HRMS

Key Factors

  • Reporting

    Access 500+ reports and analytics via our versatile ESS Portal. Our ESS and HRMS portal is diversely tailored for different needs of employees, reporting mangers, HR and the employer.

  • Versatile and Customizable

    With the understanding that every client is unique, our team works tirelessly to ensure that you stay ahead in the game. Our solutions are customizable according to the needs of our clients with no extra charge.

  • Makes Life Easier

    Our ESS Portal is tailored to better the productivity of your organization. Be it our clients or their employees, life is made hassle-free and easier for everyone by ESS Portal.

  • Realtime and Automated

    Manage your employees efficiently and let them access information with 500+ automated modules at your disposal.

PionHR Mobile Application

PionHR mobile application is a versatile and fully encrypted Employee and HRMS portal Application. compatible with all Android and Apple iOS devices.


Now you can download and keep your payslip and many other reports on your mobile in Password Protected PDF files or, we can only let them view it online without saving a copy.

GPS Tracking and Attendance

Live tracking and marking location-based attendance using our mobile application, take full control of your reportees.

Simple Capture and Upload

Easy Reimbursement, Flexi and TDS Proof Uploads. one touch is all it needs.

Access All Modules, On the Go

May it be something as simple as applying for a leave, Meeting or something as cumbersome as declaring your investment. we have got you covered even if you do not have a laptop in reach.

What is Employee Self Service?

Employee Self Service (ESS) is a modern feature of the Human Resource Information System (HRIS). The employees can complete many HR  tasks themselves with ESS Portal’s help, which would otherwise be given to the human resource management team.

ESS employee portal saves money and time for the company. It is a more efficient way of handling the human resource department in any company. 

All employees have access to the system,not just the HR department. Employees can access and manage their reimbursements, investment declarations, flexible benefits, schedules, and perks through the Employee Self Service Portal. They can update and edit their details.

Why Is ESS an Important Part Of HRIS?

The corporate culture requires a solid HR system. However, it has taken the HR system a long time to come out of the step-by-step manual process used for ages. The introduction of the Employee Self Service Portal to the HR system is taking things one step ahead. ESS makes the HR system more efficient and logical, and PionHR can take good care of these things!

Features of Employee Self Service

The s ESS employee portal software allows the employees to change and update their personal information like Name, Address, Contact No., Banking Information, etc. Any information can only be updated with approval from the HR team.

Each employee can view the schedule and payroll information with the help of the ESS portal. Some ESS software allows employees to submit day off or time off requests that the superiors have approved.

Employees can send messages to the HR team outside office hours. This process saves time and matters are solved quickly, which means there is no delay. It is beneficial both for the employee and the HR team.

Payroll Management Software for ESS

Companies are advised to manage their payroll efficiently as the company’s image depends on it. It also helps with other essential things like taxes. Employees can access payroll software through ESS. It keeps the employee updated on matters related to the payroll. 

Payroll can either be managed by the payroll processing company such as PionHR or software. Payroll management contributes to the efficient functioning of the company and boosts the enthusiasm of the employees. PionHR will make sure everything is taken care of.

Payroll Management with PionHR

If you are looking for an experienced payroll processing company in delhi, choose PionHR. We are one of  the largest independent payroll management company in India. At PionHR, we provide reliable and efficient services. We help the client with expert advice and cost-effective solutions. To know further about PionHR, check out our website.