User friendly and robust Payroll, ESS and HRMS

Key Factors

  • User Centric

    EMS Portal is customizable as per the needs specified by HR. Thus, enhancing the user experience.

  • Dynamic Dashboard

    Our ESS and HRMS Portal has dynamic Dashboards and Analytics giving a holistic view of the organization on a real-time basis.

  • Cloud Based

    Our platform is cloud based and can be accessed anywhere, anytime.

  • Reporting

    One can access 500+ reports on our ESS and HRMS Portal which is tailor-made specifically to the diverse needs of different posts in an organization.

EMS Core Portal: Streamlined Service It Required Has Been Delivered

Many commercial companies have adopted the usage of a Payroll Outsourcing Service to cover the overall experience of the payroll procedure. This boxed resource management software such as PionHR looks forward to completing many HR-generated tasks.

However, one of the largest agencies with thousands of employees needs a more holistic experience that can only be utilized to help a customized solution. PionHR has incorporated att the  factors amalgamated into the EMS core portal to deliver them with perfection to fulfill this need.

The Characteristics of EMS Core Portal

The core EMS portal provides a solution that focuses on delivering a treatment that answers industry-specific rules and requirements.

The robust scheduling procedure ensures that the application tends to the EMS agency’s requirements to fulfill tasks directed by the HRIS and the same can be done easily.

The EMS core portal ESS focuses on delivering many factors such as having a cost-effective yet increasingly productive solution through which development of the operation can be noted.

With the help of the PionHR, the EMS agency has been introduced to a system full of benefits. Here are some of the goals that they managed to achieve.

Duplication during data entry is nothing but a sign of impedance. It degrades the quality of productivity and recedes the efforts and accuracy of the employees.

Generally, an employee has to insert the data more than once into different systems. It not only consumes more time but runs the risk of inserting wrong information.

It could lead to data misalignment and lead to further complications. Nonetheless, with the core EMS portal’s help, the management can get the employee’s information once, automatically updating the rest of the system.

With the help of the integration system, the elimination of duplicating data has come true, enhancing the dedication towards QI/QA projects, employee and resources management.

Storing and managing data like schedule, time, attendance, and employee profiles through a single interface can improve the communication gap. It makes the transmission more active and effective.

By changing the information in the EMS core portal ESS, the rest of the employees registered into the system will be alerted about the changes making the whole aspect of connection established through this single-oriented interface more helpful.

With this single-chain operation’s help, simultaneous information flow can be relayed, maintaining a steady and linear workflow.

Nonetheless, with one Payroll HRMS software’s inclusion, the correspondent only has to learn to operate one software making the procedure more manageable, error-free, and accessible.

With the help of the payroll software India, PionHR, payroll reports can be managed without any issue. The software allows the management to develop reports on the required information regarding the payments, timings, holidays, and much more.

There is an additional feature provided by the software where payslip can be generated. Also, the scheduling tool can approve and deny in one click.

Nonetheless, the ability to generate accurate payslips and reports regarding that will help one acquire a much more details and accurate  report.

With the help of PionHR, you will be able to generate your EMS company payslip. All the payroll data will be registered into the application without any errors. You can manage your attendance, leave, outdoor duty and work from home requestes. This self-service procedure saves time for the manager.


With our Payroll Service Providers in Delhi, PionHR, you will be able to avail a service that has accumulated a solution which has integrated  many management systems in one place.

From managing to schedule to timekeeping, from allowing the employee to generate their EMS company payslip, we will help you generate a streamlined service with increased accuracy, reliability, and expertise.