User friendly and robust Payroll, ESS and HRMS

Key Factors

  • Bouquet of Leaves

    Professional tax calculation is made effortless and is supported for all Indian states. Reports are auto generated for easy payments and filing.

  • Biometric Integration

    We integrate data from your Biometric System and give you day-to-day attendance.

  • GPS Based Attendance System

    We offer GPS Based Attendance Marking System for sales and outdoor duty employees at no extra cost. It is easy-to-use and accessible on mobile app.

  • Real Time Integration/Updation

    Attendance is updated on a regular basis and is easily accessible at all times. You are provided with real time data with integration of attendance and payroll system.

  • Work From Home

    Employees working from home can log into our portal and update their work time.

  • Leave Encashment

    The calculation of accumulated leave into cash is done accurately and paid to the employees timely either during the employment or at the time of retirement.

Maintain Your Employee Attendance Effectively With PionHR

Keeping a record of the attendance, leave and in-out punch time  of an employee is an essential action, necessitating records to be sustained precisely and providing wages consequently. PionHR being a viable and apparent company endows with a reliable leave management system to take proper care of end-to-end attendance & leave services.

That’s where arrives PionHR attendance and leave management process which eliminates the routine of keeping track of employee leaves. PionHR leave management solution is highly configurable and can address any requirement  related to leave management. We convey leave policies based on various leave types and all can be adaptably distinct.

With the support of our disciplined system, authentic leave and attendance histories can be apprehended and leave balances maintained. Also, casual to practice upload efficacies are delivered to upload leave and attendance data centrally or from several locations. Our procedures not only help  in saving time and cost of the establishment but also develop employee self-esteem as the HR personnel gets to focus on a range of strategic issues.

PionHR Attendance & Leave Management System comprises of:

Leave Management

Comprehensive leave reports

Allows you to generate detailed reports with information such as the history of leaves taken, approved, rejected, or pending by any employee.

Configuration of leave settings

PionHR’s attendance and leave management handling assists you to

With our Payroll Outsourcing Service Providers in Delhi, PionHRyou will be able to avail a service that has accumulated a solution which has integrated many Payroll Software for HRMS in one place.